The CAPE Connection

The CAPE Connection: Instructor Dan Sturdivant

Instructor Dan SturdivantDan Sturdivant has a story to tell. Actually, he has many. Dan originally joined SMU CAPE as a substitute for another instructor on leave, and now he has taught courses in the Digital Marketing Certificate Program for the last five years.  Dan teaches Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing Strategies and recently launched a new course, Business Storytelling.

When he joined CAPE, Dan was no stranger to SMU or teaching.  His father and brother both earned their MBA degrees at SMU. Before coming to SMU, Dan taught at Collin College, and he’s currently an instructor at the Dallas Comedy Club.

Speaking of storytelling, Dan practices what he preaches. Dan is a trained improv performer and stand-up comedian! He fell in love with storytelling and has honed his craft at various venues throughout Texas. Known for his honesty, humor, and ability to connect with a diverse audience, Dan tells stories relatable to people from all walks of life. Whether poignant, funny, or inspirational, his stories reveal universal truths about the human condition.

One of the many things he loves about the SMU CAPE program is the incredibly diverse students, their varied professional backgrounds and industries.  Everyone brings life and work experience to their classwork, and students are motivated to learn and strengthen their analytic, strategic, and communication skills.   He stresses the importance of being able to think creatively and present clear, well-conceived ideas that can be sold to upper management and clients alike.  In his CAPE classes,  mid-level professionals can learn how to communicate and demystify search engine marketing, particularly for senior managers who may not be familiar with quickly-evolving best practices.

Dan loves the interaction and real-world experiences shared by teachers and students, and he offers an unofficial “lifetime warranty” on his classes. He is passionate about helping and supporting students outside the classroom, and former students have brought him to their organizations to help with specific projects. Dan also enjoys helping his students find employment. One of Dan’s former students even joined his organization, and they now work together (albeit in different areas in the marketing department).

Dan currently serves as the Director, Global Marketing and Communications at Eleviant CTG with particular expertise in digital marketing management, social media management, SEO, and business development. Dan is the past president of the DFW Search Engine Marketing Association and is a co-founder and director of The Digital Career Center, which is dedicated to training, advisement, and placement for various groups and individuals seeking to better themselves and their families with a career in digital marketing.

When outside the office or classroom, Dan performs at The Dallas Comedy Club and Story Collider and with other well-known organizations in the DFW area.  He loves mountain biking, and he and his son regularly bike in Angel Fire,  New Mexico.