As a manager, your role has a direct impact on your company’s success, stagnancy or failure. To excel, you need a wide-ranging skill set that includes interpersonal, organizational, planning, financial, and decision-making skills. A great way to attain or improve these skills is to take a management course or management training program.

SMU CAPE’s Boss Boot Camp program covers all of these areas with expert instruction from current and former managers with extensive experience building and leading successful teams. Earning a certificate from this course will let employers know that you possess the essential skills to be a highly effective manager.  You’ll benefit in several ways from taking the course, including:

Become a Better Boss

Learn and apply supervision best practices in your organization.

Develop Comprehensive Communication Skills

Provide constructive feedback, instruction and support to your employees and effectively interact with upper management.

Foster Team Collaboration & Engagement

Learn strategies to motivate your team and get them to work together towards a common goal.

Gain Financial Intelligence

Understand financial metrics and learn how to communicate them most effectively to senior level executives.

Tactfully Implement Change

Discover change management techniques to integrate process changes without reducing productivity.

Maximize your growth potential and increase your value to your organization by enrolling in SMU CAPE’s Boss Boot Camp (Supervision Best Practices) course today.

How to Register

Click here to register for the program or contact a program advisor with any specific questions you may have: email or call 214-768-1184. We look forward to seeing you in class!