The COVID-19 pandemic has delivered an extraordinary array of cybersecurity challenges.  As the outbreak threatens to overload the healthcare system and the global economy, it’s also having a powerful impact on the security of businesses and individuals.  SMU Global and Online (SMU GO) recognizes the need to support corporate decision-makers with the kind of resources they need in order to make the best security decisions they can that affect their company, employees, and clients. To that end, we have tapped into the experience and training of leaders in cybersecurity to develop a certificate program specifically for C-Suite individuals, Aligning Cybersecurity to the Business.

Aligning Cybersecurity to the Business” is a professional certificate that can be completed online in as little as five months.  The certificate is made up of seven individual courses including: Aligning Cyber to the Business, Cyber Risk Assessment, Cybersecurity Frameworks & Compliance, Best Practices in Managing Cyber Operations, Cybersecurity Governance, Policy Development, Documentation & Implementation, and Understanding Tools, Technologies & Solutions Architectures.”  Read more

The certificate represents best in class learning experiences for a professional audience, with executives as developers and instructors, engaging live online in small classes with C-Suite level student peers. Our course developers have extensive experience in cybersecurity and represent the expertise of companies such as McAfee, GameStop, Masergy and more. Students will learn from experts with experience working in a variety of positions ranging from forensic science and security at the Federal Bureau of Investigations, CISO’s and CTO’s of security corporations, consultants and advisory boards, specialists in legal affairs as they relate to the rapidly evolving field of cyber law. A blend of work to be completed outside of class around your busy schedule and interactive live online class sessions, create the perfect balance of peer support and learning with individual application of materials.

If you or someone you know are leading the charge to align cybersecurity to your business, we hope you will join us by enrolling in this certificate.  Registration is open now and classes begin on September 13th, 2020. We look forward to welcoming you to the stampede and becoming a Mustang at SMU! #PonyUP!