SMU CAPE expands reach


In 1915, Southern Methodist University opened its doors to the Dallas community. Today, more than a century later, it’s safe to say that the relationship between Dallas and SMU has created a great city and a great college. SMU is a nationally prominent university with global reach, and is home to three of the top MBA programs in the country.

At SMU Continuing and Professional Education (SMU CAPE), we are working hard to provide a broad range of courses both in a classroom environment and online.

As we prepare to launch our programming for the fall of 2017, we are expanding our reach to encourage more diversity in our student community. Specifically:

  • More diverse classrooms teach students to embrace opinions and approaches that are different from their own.
  • We provide access to a high-quality education for those who may not have a full four-year degree. Our certificate programs provide a quality education in a shorter time frame than a conventional four-year degree.
  • Likewise, those who have a four-year degree but do not want to commit to a two-year masters program can complete a SMU CAPE certificate program in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost.
  • We know that more education means more opportunity. While at SMU CAPE, our students grow their professional networks, become part of a community of learning enthusiasts and make themselves more marketable in their careers.
  • As our students grow intellectually, self-confidence increases and they end up changing their lives for the better.

SMU CAPE offers certificate programs in several industries, ranging from paralegal studies, project management, and financial planning to digital marketing, web development, and U.S. Intelligence Analysis. SMU CAPE also offers personal enrichment courses that cover a variety of topics, such as art, photography, history, culture and travel, music, literature and film, and languages.

Consider SMU CAPE for your next education opportunity. We are here to serve you.