Set Yourself up for Success Before Your Class Even Starts


We have been offering courses to professional for years. What we have found is that the course curriculum is not the difficult part. Effective time management from the students is the challenge.

Now that you have decided to invest in yourself, make sure that you get the most out of it. Allow yourself the time it takes to prepare for each class, time to drive to each class. Punctuality allows you to get the most from your classes.

Here are some other tips that successful students use.

  1. Are you available for the class?

Check your calendar. If you are available for 85 – 90% of your classes then you should register. Ideally, we want you to attend all of your classes, but things can come up and that’s okay. Check your classes now.

  1. Record class dates in your calendar.

Immediately after you register, add all class times to your digital and paper calendars. These times are a non-negotiable. Also, add time on your calendar for the commute. Taking a test prep course? Register for the test after you register for the class. This will help you stay focused. Plan on writing study times on your calendar too.

3. Pick out an accountability partner.

Let your friends and family know that this class is a priority and that your availability is limited until the class ends. Try to identify someone in your class that may be available for study sessions. Chances are, your classmate will appreciate working with someone who has the same goals in mind.

If you take the time to schedule your commitment to furthering your career, you will have a higher chance of success and it will be a more enjoyable experience. Now, which class will you be registering for?