The Paralegal Program is a Great Fit for Many


A career in the legal field can be intimidating and overwhelming for some. But for many who want to have a career in law, the paralegal route is ideal.

Many of our paralegal students have been interested in going to law school but did not want to invest the time and resources into a law degree until they were certain that the law was the right fit for them.

However, we also see students who enter the Paralegal program to change careers. They may have been teachers, police officers, administrative assistants, even real estate agents, but have found themselves wanting a new challenge and a different perspective in their careers.

The biggest advantage of the SMU CAPE Paralegal Program is that classes are offered in the evenings and on the weekends, at both Dallas and Plano campuses. This is ideal for students who work full-time or have families yet see that furthering their education is a clear priority for them.

Students have also found that learning in a classroom environment helps them grasp concepts and understand more fully the paralegal profession. They complete the paralegal program with an academic education balanced with practical knowledge that prepares them for work as a paralegal.

The Dallas area has a wealth of opportunities for those who complete the Paralegal Certificate Program. And SMU is highly regarded in the field of legal education.

The Paralegal Program from SMU Continuing and Professional Education on your resume will set you apart from other paralegal job candidates and set you on the path to a rewarding and challenging career in law.