MSDS in Data Science Spring Immersion and Symposium


The MS in Data Science Spring Immersion and Symposium is coming up again this March with a new venue and great opportunities for students and Data Science professionals alike!  Although the program’s classroom format is online learning, dozens of students get to visit the campus and meet their professors and peers in person each term through the Immersion and capstone courses.  While on campus for the symposium, graduating students present their capstone presentations to newly enrolled students, creating a great educational exchange whereby new students are able to get a glimpse of the exciting things to come as they progress through the program.   In the capstone project, students have the opportunity to work with industry professionals in ways which both contribute to the needs of the corporations while at the same time supplying the student with a robust research project topic suitable for publication and to make a conference-style presentation at the symposium.

One way that local professionals become involved is through the MSDS Advisory.  This group is comprised of local leaders from a multitude of Data Science corporate industries.  These professionals contribute to the program by helping us stay current with industry technological trends and employer needs, but they also serve as a connecting point between our students and their capstone projects.  In addition to advising and sponsoring capstone projects, general sessions led by Data Science professionals from various sectors of industry are one of the main components of the Immersion and Symposium.  Industry leaders speak on current and relevant topics that add value to the overall education of the students, and their participation strengthens connections between SMU and businesses in the Dallas area.