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Invest in Your Future with SMU CAPE Instructor James Wigen

Instructor Spotlight: James Wigen 

Investing is one of the best ways to grow your wealth, protect your earnings from inflation and save for retirement. Unfortunately, investing can be confusing and you may not know where to start or what investments to pursue to reach your financial goals. According to Nerd Wallet, only 43% of Americans with workplace retirement accounts (like a 401k) know all of the types of investments they have in their accounts. SMU CAPE instructor James Wigen can help with this. “From the financial planning aspect, the earlier you start the better,” says James. 

A Wealth of Experience 

James has been teaching non-credit classes since 1998 and offers two courses at SMU CAPE: Investing for Beginners and Increase Your Investment Income. In addition to teaching courses at SMU CAPE, James is the founder of Wigen Financial Services, LLC where he provides financial and portfolio management advice. Prior to starting at Wigen Financial Services, LLC, James worked as a Portfolio Manager & Financial Advisor for two international investment firms: Prudential Securities (now Wells Fargo), and Merrill Lynch.  

CAPE students of all ages and experience levels can benefit from James’ wealth of financial experience. “Investing and trying to earn income from investments is critical to many people getting into and through retirement,” says James. “My courses help educate them on the options they have to save, plan, and invest for their future.” Investing for Beginners covers important topics like asset allocation, reducing debt, mutual funds and more for those new to investing. Increase Your Investment Income explores what to look for in a good stock, bond or mutual fund and how to allocate investments in your portfolio to improve your investment outcomes.  

Invest in Your Future 

James says his courses are meant for “anyone interested in learning about the various investment and retirement accounts available and wants to know the pros and cons of different investment categories.” If that sounds like you, explore our upcoming short course offerings. With his help, you can explore the right investing path for you and reach your financial goals.