Introducing the Office of Global, Online and Continuing Education

In fall 2020, the Office of Global, Online and Continuing Education was created to oversee and advance SMU’s online and continuing education portfolio, reporting to the Office of Curricular Innovation and Policy. It is comprised of two distinct areas – a refocused SMU Global and Online (GO), and a reestablished  SMU Continuing and Professional Education (CAPE).

SMU GO partners with academic units across the university to support the development and delivery of online graduate programs for adult learners. GO also works with university stakeholders to establish and update standards and guidelines for online faculty training, course development, and other areas critical to ensuring the university delivers high-quality online programs and courses.

Partnering with SMU faculty and industry professionals, SMU CAPE offers a wide range of non-credit programs to help adult learners advance in their careers or transition successfully to new ones. The CAPE catalog includes certificates, boot camps, workshops, short courses, and other offerings in on-campus and online formats.

Each area is making impressive strides in support of the university and our community. This fall, SMU GO officially launches the Master of Science in Data Science (MSDS) program in India, while SMU CAPE, partnering with GO and the Lyle School of Engineering, launches The Catalyst, an eight-week program designed to help active duty military successfully transition into the civilian workforce. SMU CAPE has also recently launched three new online certificate programs in industry-driven topics, such as Data Visualization and Communication.  Lastly, this month, we hosted three SMU Industry Forums, gathering local leaders from across sectors to identify crucial skills gaps in the workforce.