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How technology will be pivotal in the new ‘future of work’

According to a new article from HR Executive, technology will be the key for forward-thinking HR leaders to succeed in the future of work.

The six imperatives outlined are even more important today than they were before COVID-19 and serve as a guide for HR leaders in ensuring an agile and perpetually relevant organization and workforce. They are:

  • developing new leadership capabilities for the 4thIndustrial Revolution
  • managing the integration of technology in the workforce
  • enhancing the employee experience
  • building an agile and personalized learning culture
  • establishing metrics for valuing human capital
  • embedding diversity and inclusion

The pandemic has significantly sped up the acceleration toward the future of work—and now, forward-thinking HR leaders need to keep focused on staying ahead of the curve. That’s a tall order, says author and futurist Ravin Jesuthasan, but one that is necessary if HR is going to embrace the potential that comes with digitalization. Read the full HR Executive article here.

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