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Engage the Changing Workforce with Opportunities to Learn and Grow

Author Gretchen Rubin considers September “the other January.” The end of summer and the new school year offer opportunities to start fresh, even if you haven’t been a traditional student for many years.

Encourage your employees to take advantage of a seasonal clean slate and to expand their knowledge and skills. While some researchers estimate that at least 50% of the U.S. workforce is “quiet quitting,” you can ensure that your team stays engaged with educational experiences to help them collaborate, learn and grow. SMU CAPE’s new Working Remotely course suggests skills and strategies to develop a successful remote work routine and healthy work-life balance, and in Virtual Teamwork, students learn techniques to overcome challenges and achieve collective success.

Support your employees’ career growth with SMU CAPE’s professional certificate programs, in subjects like project management, graphic design or sales operations, among others. Ranging from eight weeks to 24 months in length, these programs are facilitated by instructors who are leading, experienced practitioners in their fields. In some cases, students who complete programs will earn verified credentials to qualify for professional certification.

September also is Self-Improvement Month, which makes it an ideal time to devote energy towards your own goals, personal fulfillment and professional development. Dedicating a few hours to learning can be an excellent way to better yourself this fall. Finding Purpose In Your Career, Communicating with Flair, and Personal Branding are just some of SMU CAPE’s self-paced online short courses that can give your self-improvement a jumpstart.

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