Is your career on auto-pilot or have you hit a ceiling with your current skills and experience? Well, if you’re looking to break out of your rut or get to the next level in your career, here are five ways that will help you make that happen.

Pursue Higher Education

Is your degree holding you back from getting your next promotion? Getting a Master’s degree is more accessible than ever with online programs becoming the norm. Take the first step by enrolling in one of SMU CAPE’s Graduate Test Prep courses.

Welcome Change

As businesses continue to go digital and integrate big data, you can expect change to be the norm. As such, adapting to change and opening yourself up to new opportunities are essential for career growth. A great way to get yourself up to speed is to take advantage of SMU CAPE’s Data Science Workshops and Digital Analytics program.

Connect with an Expert in Your Field

If you know where you want to go, but haven’t quite cleared the path on how to get there, seek out a subject matter expert (SME) or mentor to help guide you. Increase your value along the way by considering our BOSS Boot Camp (Supervision Best Practices Certificate Program).

Associate with Like-minded Peers

Many people can be put off by competition in the workplace, but this is essential for growth and advancement. Engage with the over-achievers in your office, observe their work process and evaluate your own in comparison. This will ensure that you’re constantly challenging yourself and moving forward.

Always Be Learning

Given the aforementioned environment of change in the workplace, keeping abreast of industry trends and identifying the skills you’ll need to advance your career is critical. Gain project management expertise by enrolling in  our Project Management certificate from SMU CAPE, or position yourself as an HR leader by enrolling in our PHR Certificate program.

SMU CAPE makes it easy for you to achieve professional advancement by offering both on-campus (Dallas & Plano) and online programs that work with your busy schedule. Call us today at 214-768-1086 to help you find the right program to advance your career.