Thank You!

Thank you to our 2017-2018 SMU Career Volunteers for serving as a resource for SMU students!

  • 68 alumni hosted SMU externships during 2017-18.
  • 153 students made professional connections through externships, informational interviews, mentorships and via on-line connections.

We would love to have your help again in 2017-2018! Renew your membership in SMU Connection today or refer a friend to join the SMU Career Volunteer team this year!

“It was a pleasure hosting Connor for his externship with the Mavericks.  It is always nice when a student is truly focused on the opportunity in front  of them, and not just checking the box.  Connor knows that he wants to be involved in Sports Marketing and he maximized his day at the Mavs!  He interacted with our staff, asked good and well thought out questions.  We thought so highly of Connor that we have offered him the opportunity to be our Corporate Sponsorship intern for the Summer.” – George Killebrew ’85, Executive Vice President of the Dallas Mavericks.

Learn more about George and Connor’s experience in SMU Magazine!

Program Timeline and Volunteer Opportunities

Informational Interviews

All SMU Career Volunteer participants are asked to participate in informational interviews. Alumni-to-alumni and alumni-to-student outreach will take place through our resume review form. Students and alumni will upload their resume to be reviewed by volunteers in their desired industry.  The Office of Alumni Engagement will then connect volunteers with these alumni and students to set up informational interviews. Correspondence can be through phone, e-mail or in-person.


Externships will take place during the SMU academic calendar winter and summer breaks. You and the student will decide on a day that works best for both of you. Alumni volunteers are responsible for providing meaningful experiences for their externs. Volunteers can assist students in developing professional networks and serve as links to the career world. The end goal is to assist students in preparing for their roles as successful professionals. Alumni and students will be matched based on the career path of the alumnus and the career interest of the student. For more information on SMU Career Volunteer Externships, please click here.


The SMU Career Volunteer program provides a bridge to the Hegi Family Career Development Center for alumni who wish to offer internships through their employers to SMU students. Hegi partners with alumni to post and advertise their opportunities and funnel outstanding students into the positions. Sign up for your Handshake account today!

SMU Career Volunteer

SMU Career Volunteer is a program from both sides; we cannot always guarantee a match through our externship or outreach programs. Our ultimate goal is for all students and alumni participating in the program to be involved with either an externship or outreach each year. If you find yourself struggling to get connected through the means provided, please reach out to us! We are more than willing to help facilitate other opportunities.

How SMU Will Help

We will send you updates about the programs that you have signed up for, as well as upcoming volunteer opportunities and progress reports. We will work with the Hegi Family Career Development Center, the Community Engagement and Leadership Center to ensure that the partnership between the centers and our alumni are running efficiently and effectively. These campus partners will work with their appropriate constituencies to ensure that they are prepared to enter the programs as well!