Thank You!

Thank you to our 2016-2017 SMU Admission Volunteers for helping SMU recruit the class of 2021!

  • 79 alumni represented SMU at 68 College Fairs in 62 cities, 19 United States and 3 countries this year.
  • 252 alumni contacted 1,534 of SMU’s top admitted student prospects and encouraged these potential ponies to enroll.
  • 18 alumni hosted Pony Preview Day campus tours for 400 local elementary and middle school students.

We would love to have your help again in 2017-2018! Renew your membership today or refer a friend to join the SMU Admission Volunteers this year!

Program Timeline and Volunteer Opportunities

Countdown to the May 1 National College Decision Day Deadline


Each year the SMU recruitment cycle begins and ends in August. As a new class of Mustangs arrives at the Hilltop, it’s time to start recruiting for the next year!

No matter where you live, you can assist with the University’s recruitment effort. Throughout the year, you will have many opportunities to help recruit students. Every SMU Admission Volunteer will be asked to complete phone calls to admitted students and the Alumni Office will contact if you the opportunity to attend a college fair, admission event or campus tour becomes available near you. Depending on how many students your areas yields each year, you can expect to spend between 1-3 hours per month on SMU Admission Volunteer activities. The Alumni Office will also send you a Quarterly Update every other month via email to update you on our progress. See the opportunities and timeline below to get an idea of what to expect from this program.

August – October

Preview parties are local information sessions hosted by SMU Undergraduate Admission from mid-August through October. These sessions aid in introducing prospective SMU students and parents to the University, provide an overview of SMU and include vital enrollment information.

As an SMU Admission Volunteer, you are important to the success of the event because you can share your experiences at SMU firsthand. You may be called upon to sit on a panel or sit at a table with students and parents to answer questions about the SMU experience. Review this list of student and parent frequently-asked questions prior to the event.

These parties are usually held in high-yield recruitment areas, including Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Memphis, Nashville, Phoenix, San Francisco, St. Louis, the Tri-State area and Washington D.C. The Alumni Office will get in touch with you to request your help, or you can email us to find out if there is a Preview Party coming up near you.

September – November & February – May

A college night, or college fair, is an annual event at the local high school level where colleges from across the nation assemble to tell students about their schools and distribute recruitment information. Each college or university sends a representative, who may be either a professional staff member or a well-informed alumni volunteer.

If a college fair coverage opportunity becomes available near you, your representative from the Alumni office will contact you. If you have signed up to represent SMU at a college fair, the Admission office will send you all of the materials you will need to participate. We also recommend printing a copy of the SMU Admission Volunteer Handbook, which contains more information on what to do before, during and after the fair and will help you answer student and parent questions. These College Fair Coverage Instructions will also be helpful to you.

February – May 1 (National College Decision Deadline)

All SMU Admission Volunteers volunteers are asked to participate in the following project.

The Alumni Office will provide you with a list of local students to contact. This list provides the names of your prospective students, as well as their high schools, cities of residence, major interests, email addresses, and phone numbers. Consider emailing your prospective students to give them a heads up that you will be calling to talk about SMU. Let them know that you are an alumna/us of SMU, and are interested in sharing more about your experience at the University. The object of these calls is to encourage these early admitted students to make SMU their top college choice.

Calls must be completed by May 1, the National College Decision Day deadline. The Office of Undergraduate Admission has also helped us come up with a Calling Script and Guidelines to help guide you through the conversations you will have with these students. Don’t forget to reference the handbook to help with answering student questions.

The best times to call are weekdays between 6 and 8 p.m., and Sundays from 1 – 4 p.m. We will keep a record of the students you contact, and let you know whether or not they decide to enroll at SMU as the May 1 deadline grows closer. While making your calls, track any comments that you would like to be shared with the Admission Counselors and the Alumni Office will pass them along to the appropriate counselor. If these students have specific questions for the Admission Counselors, you can also find the admission counselor in charge of your area and contact him/her directly.

March – April

These receptions allow newly admitted students to meet alumni, current parents and one another. The events are held at restaurants and hotels in the major cities across the country. SMU Admission Volunteers are invited to participate in these events to share more about their SMU experiences and encourage these prospective ponies to enroll at SMU.

Review this list of student and parent frequently-asked questions prior to the event. The Alumni Office will get in touch with you to request your help, or you can email us to find out if there is an Accepted Student Reception coming up near you.

June – August

A send-off party is an opportunity for incoming first-year students and their families, as well as current students and their families, to get acquainted before the fall term begins. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to meet other SMU students from their geographic area. SMU Admission Volunteer representatives in send-off cities are often asked to attend the event, help with check-in and answer student and parent questions.

Review this list of student and parent frequently-asked questions prior to the event. The Alumni Office will get in touch with you to request your help, or you can email us to find out if there is a send-off party coming up near you.


Renew Your Membership in the SMU Admission Volunteer program

Help SMU recruit the best and brightest for next year’s incoming class! Your Alumni Office liaison will email you in June about renewing your membership. Veteran SMU Admission Volunteers from 2016-2017 have the option to renew today and help us recruit the class of 2022!

SMU Admission Volunteer Resources

  • College Fair Coverage Instructions: A quick rundown of everything you need to know to represent SMU at your hometown college fair! College Fair Coverage Instructions
  • Calling Script and Guidelines: Follow this printable sample script and these guidelines from the Admission team when contacting prospective students. Download here.
  • Find the Admission Counselor in Charge of Your Area: Connect prospective students with the SMU Admission Counselor responsible for your territory. Learn more.
  • Request to Join the SMU Admission Volunteer Facebook Group: Stay in touch with updates on program progress, live training videos, campus information and group discussions. Send us your photos of your volunteer efforts and we’ll feature them on the group page! Join now.
  • SMU Admission Volunteer Handbook: Access a printable copy of the SMU Admission Volunteer handbook and get more details on each volunteer opportunity, frequently asked student and parent questions, admission requirements and deadlines and more! SMU Admission Volunteer Handbook
  • Student and Parent FAQ: Check out this list of frequently-asked questions to help you answer common prospective student and parent queries. Learn more.
  • Take a Virtual Tour of Campus: See what’s changed on the Hilltop since you graduated! Take the tour.