Welcome, Volunteers!

We hope you will use this toolkit as a resource for your chosen volunteer programs. You’ll find more information about the Chapter Leadership, SMU Admission Volunteer and SMU Career Volunteer programs, along with links to additional resources. Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.

Why volunteer for SMU?

SMU alumni have extraordinary opportunities to shape the world around us. We’re more than 121,000 strong worldwide. We expand our spheres of influence as CEOs and public servants, pioneers and philanthropists, entrepreneurs and entertainers. When we volunteer for SMU, we become part of the inner circle, helping one another in our careers and giving time to help the next generation of world changers start theirs. Our involvement — whether it’s sharing our professional expertise, hosting a gathering for area Mustangs or encouraging prospective students to enroll — not only energizes connections across campus but also extends the University’s legacy of success.