Research Spotlight: Searching for ancient life in Antarctica

Team AntarcticaProfessor of Earth Sciences Louis Jacobs, doctoral student Yosuke Nishida and master’s student Chris Strganac were part of a team that traveled to Antarctica during the austral summer in November and December to discover 120 million-year-old mammal fossils from Livingston Island and other places around the Antarctic Peninsula. They hope to link the evolutionary history of mammals across South America to Africa and Australia through ancient Antarctica when climates were warmer. Read about their journey, as chronicled by Strganac, at SMU’s Student Adventures site. Left, the Antarctic Vertebrate Paleontology Expedition: Clare Flemming (American Museum of Natural History, New York), Ross MacPhee (principal investigator, American Museum of Natural History, New York), Jerry Hooker (Natural History Museum, London), Chris Strganac (Earth Sciences, SMU), Yosuke Nishida (Earth Sciences, SMU), Louis Jacobs (Earth Sciences, SMU).