New University Policy Manual website to launch January 2

SMU is preparing to launch a newly designed public-facing website for the University Policy Manual at

Beginning January 2, 2019, an SMU sign-in no longer will be required to view the manual, which contains SMU policies that apply university-wide. The new site emphasizes functionality and consistency. As part of a policy review process during the past year, campus community members representing divisions across the University provided input on the new look.

Policies on the new site are divided by 12 subject areas: Institutional Affairs, Academic Affairs, Access and Equity, Business and Finance, Development and External Affairs, Facilities Management, Human Resources, Information Technology, Police and Public Safety, Research, Risk Management and Student Affairs. University officials responsible for managing each section of the University Policy Manual may communicate more specifically regarding particular policies.

Important features of the new University Policy Manual website include:

  • “Transition Tables” showing the relationship between old and new policies, clearly identifying removals, revisions and entirely new policies.
  • A righthand navigation pane offering policy search functionality and quick links to other policies and sections from anywhere on the site.
  • Beginning in April 2019, a “New and Revised Policies” page listing all policies added or revised within the last 90 days, allowing visitors to easily identify recent changes.

University policies that have campus-wide application are intended to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, clarify institutional expectations, promote operational effectiveness, reduce operational risk and enhance SMU’s mission.

If you have questions about University Policy, please contact the Office of Legal Affairs at