Three receive 2010 Distinguished University Citizen Awards

Three faculty members were honored with SMU’s annual Distinguished University Citizen Award at the Faculty Breakfast held May 15 before Commencement. The 2010 recipients:

Randall Griffin, Art History, Meadows School of the Arts
Miguel Quiñones, Management and Organizations, Cox School of Business
Nina Schwartz, English, Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences

The award, given by the Provost’s Office, honors three faculty members each year for service and activities that benefit students and the University’s academic mission. “It’s a chance to say ‘thank you’ to people who have given so much of themselves to SMU,” says Associate Provost Ellen Jackofsky. “The recipients truly have distinguished themselves as good University citizens.”

Faculty in the News: March 2, 2009

Fred Moss, Dedman School of Law, provided expertise on constitutional law for a story on a crime victim’s pursuit of justice that aired on ABC’s “Good Morning America” Feb. 12, 2009.

Miguel Quiñones, Management and Organizations, Cox School of Business, talked about the logic behind the more than $25 million in bonus pay awarded in 2008 to Texas state workers in an article that appeared in The Houston Chronicle Feb. 23, 2009.

Al Armendariz, Environmental and Civil Engineering, Lyle School of Engineering, discussed energy-industry skepticism of his report that equates Barnett Shale-related pollution to the Metroplex’s entire traffic circulation with The Fort Worth Business Press Feb. 23, 2009.

Research Spotlight: Navigating workplace change

Change graphicMiguel Quiñones describes today’s business climate with an age-old saying: “The only constant is change.”

“With competition coming from the other side of the globe and over the Internet, the rate of change has accelerated. Organizations must constantly adapt to survive,” says Quiñones, who joined SMU’s Cox School of Business as the Marilyn and Leo Corrigan Endowed Professor of Management and Organizations in 2006.

Quiñones focuses much of his research on individuals working in these organizations, including his new study, “Explaining Differences in Reactions to Organizational Change: The Role of an Individual’s Stage of Change.” The study began in 2005, while Quiñones was a U.S. Fulbright Scholar and visiting professor at Pontificia Universidad Catolica in Santiago, Chile. There he met David Huepe, a graduate student and consultant to the Chilean investigative police, which was significantly changing how it hired detectives – and creating conflict between managers and subordinates in the process.

In developing a survey that Quiñones and Huepe gave to 580 officers in Santiago, they drew from a 1994 model that identified five necessary stages for lasting change – precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action and maintenance – and demonstrated that different techniques are needed to move individuals from one stage to the next. Their survey found more managers at the action stage, when they felt genuinely committed to the change, and more subordinates at the early stages, where they felt forced to change. “When making a change, organizations clearly must not assume that everyone is at the same place,” Quiñones says. “If they don’t lead individuals through the process, the change isn’t likely to take hold.”

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General Education Review committee named

The Office of the Provost has named all members of SMU’s General Education Review Committee. The office plans to establish a website on which faculty and staff members can track the Commitee’s progress and provide feedback.

“The members have all agreed to participate in this important venture on behalf of, and in consultation with, the entire University community,” said Provost Paul Ludden in an e-mail to SMU faculty and staff.

The General Education Review is a key objective of SMU’s Centennial Strategic Plan 2006-2015. The review will examine how the University’s general education requirements “prepare students for citizenship and leadership roles in an educated society.” Copies of the Centennial Strategic Plan 2006-2015 may be picked up in SMU’s libraries.

The committee membership:

Dennis Cordell, Dedman College General Education, Co-Chair
Thomas Tunks, Associate Provost, Co-Chair
Shelley Berg, Dance
Denise DuPont, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Vicki Hill, Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center
Robert Krout, Music Therapy
Monnie McGee, Statistical Science
Mark McPhail, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs
Rachael Morgan, student representative
Ellen Pryor, Associate Provost
Miguel Quiñones, Management and Organizations
Gale Roid, Teaching and Learning
Nina Schwartz, English
Harold Stanley, Political Science
Susan Strobel-Hogan, Residence Life and Student Housing
Brian Stump, Earth Sciences
Alisa Rata Stutzbach, Hamon Arts Library
David Willis, Mechanical Engineering
Jo Geisler, staff support
Michael Tumeo, staff support