Safety performers show ‘What To Do’

Safety skit comicsDo you know what to do in the event of an emergency inside or near a campus building? A group of SMU performers, acting out on the Main Quad Oct. 1, used comedy to demonstrate the four steps required by students, faculty and staff during an evacuation:

  • Leave the building (don’t use elevators).
  • Assist the disabled.
  • Take valuables and cell phones with you.
  • Proceed to an assembly area outside.

Launched as part of the SMU Aware emergency preparedness program, skits will be performed several times throughout this academic year. In addition to evacuation, they will address situations that involve lockdown and shelter in place.

“In addition to the training drills we hold on campus every year, we’re presenting students crucial information in an interactive style to gain their attention,” says Lee Arning, director of emergency preparedness. “We hope to impress upon them the importance to ‘Know What to Do’ on campus. This way, they will not only be prepared for crises, but ideally will take ownership during potential situations.”

More about emergency preparedness at the SMU Aware website

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