Political scholar discusses “The Way Forward in Iraq”

Jon AltermanAmerica has stopped talking about victory in Iraq, but that doesn’t mean defeat is inevitable, according to Jon Alterman (right), director and senior fellow of the Center for Strategic and International Studies‘ Middle East Program. It does mean that Americans must start asking tough questions, such as “Can we prevent genocide in Iraq?” and “What does defeat look like?,” he said Sept. 24 at the Park City Club during the SMU Political Forum sponsored by SMU’s John Goodwin Tower Center for Political Studies and the World Affairs Council of Dallas-Fort Worth.

“We’re on the hook for Iraq, and we have to go beyond the politics of blame and look forward to the fact that we have a responsibility and some capacity to change,” said Alterman, who previously served as part of the Policy Planning Staff at the U.S. State Department and also was an expert adviser to the Iraq Study Group. Read more from SMU News.