Faculty in the News: March 17, 2009

Al Armendariz, Environmental and Civil Engineering, Lyle School of Engineering, talked about doubts raised over the results of short-term air monitoring for toxic chemicals in the air near schools with USA Today March 5, 2009. He also spoke with Channel 8 News in Dallas about his study that shows Barnett Shale production in North Texas emits as much air pollution as the traffic. The segment aired March 11, 2009.

Mel Fugate, Management and Organizations, Cox School of Business, discussed the effectiveness of the measures some small businesses are taking to avoid layoffs in The Wall Street Journal March 5, 2009.

Karen Sargent, Career Services, Dedman School of Law, provided expertise for a story on how new law graduates can compete in a troubled job market. The article appeared in the March 9, 2009 edition of Texas Lawyer.

Fred Moss, Dedman School of Law, discussed proposed legislation that addresses statute of limitations issues in rape cases where DNA identifies a suspect in The Dallas Morning News March 13, 2009.

Jake Batsell, Journalism, Meadows School of the Arts, talked to Jeff Brady of Channel 8 News about the changing nature of news reporting in a segment that appeared March 6, 2009.

David Lei, Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Cox School of Business, discussed how individuals can take a business-like approach to planning a household budget with The Dallas Morning News March 9, 2009.

Ralph Janvey, a Dallas-based lawyer and adjunct SMU law professor, has taken the helm of Stanford Financial Group after a U.S. judge tapped him to serve as its receiver, with final say over Stanford’s vast estate of offices, island properties, yachts and castles. Reuters covered the story March 10, 2009, and Law Professor Alan Bromberg provided commentary.

Experts talk money in campus financial forum

SMU experts answered questions and gave their views on investing and saving for retirement during difficult times in “Market Volatility and Its Impact on You: Reassessing vs. Reacting in Response to Your Finances.” The Department of Human Resources presented the discussion Nov. 11, 2008 in the Collins Executive Education Center.

“Given the nature of market volatility, we thought it would be a marvelous idea to have this forum for our faculty, staff, retirees, and everyone else who has given their hearts, their souls, and their lives in dedication to this great university,” said moderator David Lei, associate professor of strategy and entrepreneurship in SMU’s Cox School of Business. “This is an opportunity to get to know the current market environment and to bounce around a few ideas.”

The panel stressed the importance of individuals knowing their own risk tolerance and managing their investments accordingly. Participants included Distinguished Professor of Finance Andrew Chen and Caruth Chair in Finance Darius Miller of the Cox School, as well as Director of Total Compensation Sheri Starkey of Human Resources.

Lei left attendees with 5 financial questions to consider:

  • If you hold stocks, what will you do if the market takes another 30 percent dive?
  • What will you do if your bank or credit card company declares your existing credit balance as your limit?
  • If you hold a large amount of cash, what will you do if inflation rapidly escalates?
  • In a depressed real estate market, what will you do in the wake of a home insurance disaster in which you can recoup only replacement costs, rather than what you paid?
  • In terms of your savings, are you looking to grow rich or to avoid being poor?

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