Operational Excellence shares 2016-17 progress report


SMU’s Office of Operational Excellence (OPEX) has met an important milestone: The University has passed the $20 million mark in annual savings as a result of Operational Excellence for the Second Century (OE2C) initiatives, as detailed in its September 2017 Progress Report.

According to the report, of the $20 million saved, $14.1 million has been committed for new uses, including research, fellowships, high-performance computing, and general academic reinvestments, among other items. The report also includes updates on new and ongoing initiatives designed to streamline and formalize administrative processes.

One notable highlight is an update on the status of funds available for SMU doctoral degree candidates. Currently, 34 doctoral students are receiving University Ph.D. Fellowships supported by funds saved through OE2C. A 2013 Faculty Senate resolution urged SMU to create such University-wide fellowships, stating they “play a crucial role in engaging and interfacing with undergraduate students in faculty research projects that in turn helps us recruit high-quality undergraduates and raise the academic quality of the incoming class.”

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