Meadows Theatre presents Major Barbara through Dec. 2, 2012

For the final performance of the Fall 2012 semester, SMU Meadows Theatre presents George Bernard Shaw’s Major Barbara.

The play, first performed in 1905, explores the family dynamics of the Undershafts and the very different values of each family member – especially in the relationship of Mr. Undershaft, an estranged father and successful military industrialist, and his daughter, Barbara, a major in the Salvation Army.

Major Barbara is directed by Stephen Fried and features a cast of SMU Meadows students plus Dallas actress Lynn Blackburn, best known for her recurring role in the NBC series “Friday Night Lights.”

Performances begin in the Greer Garson Theatre, Owen Arts Center, at 8 p.m. Nov. 28-Dec. 1 and at 2 p.m. Dec. 1-2. Tickets are $7 each for faculty, staff and students.

All photos by Linda Blase. Full cast list after the jump.

Cast (in order of appearance)

Lady Britomart Undershaft                                         Lynn Blackburn*

Stephen Undershaft, her son                                       Brady Stebleton (B.F.A. ’13)

Barbara Undershaft, her eldest daughter                   Ashlee Elizabeth Bashore (M.F.A. ’14)

Sarah Undershaft, her younger daughter                   Janielle Kastner (B.F.A. ’13)

Adolphus Cusins, engaged to Barbara                        Russell Jonas (M.F.A. ’14)

Charles Lomax, engaged to Sarah                              Teddy Warren (B.F.A. ’14)

Morrison, butler to Lady Britomart Undershaft             Jacob Stewart (B.F.A. ’14)

Andrew Undershaft                                                      Brandon Potter (M.F.A. ’14)

Rummy Mitchens                                                         Amelia Johns (B.F.A. ’14)

Snobby Price                                                                Justin Amos (B.F.A. ’13)

Jenny Hill                                                                      Alyssa Hamedi (B.F.A. ’14)

Peter Shirley                                                                 Tom Valentine Gelo (B.F.A. ’14)

Bill Walker                                                                     Ted Quincy Gwara (B.F.A. ’14)

Mrs. Baines                                                                   Barbie Wu (M.F.A. ’14)

Bilton                                                                             Josh Porter (B.F.A. ’14)

Ensemble                                                                      Madeleine Boudreaux (B.F.A. ’16)

                                                                                      George Colligan (B.F.A. ’16)

                                                                                      Parker Gray (B.F.A. ’16)

                                                                                      Dylan Guerra (B.F.A. ’16)

                                                                                      Blake Murray (B.F.A. ’15)

                                                                                      Nick Riley (B.F.A. ’16)

                                                                                      Kent Van Dover (B.F.A. ’16)

                                                                                      Bekka Walker (B.F.A. ’16)

*The role of Lady Britomart Undershaft will be played by Lynn Blackburn. a professional actress in the Dallas area. (The student who was originally cast in the role was unable to perform.)

A proud member of Actors Equity for eleven years, Lynn has been seen on nearly every stage in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, most recently in the Dallas Theater Center production of Next Fall. She works regularly as a commercial, industrial and television actress. Represented by the Mary Collins Agency, Lynn can currently be seen in a Wholly Guacamole commercial.  You may also recognize her from her recurring role in the final season of “Friday Night Lights.” Lynn makes her home in Oak Cliff with her actor husband, Chamblee Ferguson (M.F.A., SMU, 1988). She is grateful to Stephen, Stan and the cast for making her feel like part of the family