Guildhall student team among 12 finalists in the 2011 Indie Game Challenge

A team from The Guildhall at SMU is among 12 finalists in the 2011 Indie Game Challenge (IGC), making them eligible for awards and prizes worth more than $130,000.

The winners will be announced Feb. 11 at the Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain (D.I.C.E.) Summit at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas. SMU’s eight-member squad – known collectively as “Team Hermes” – includes:

  • Evan Skarin – Team Lead, Level Design, and Art
  • John Bevis – Level Design and Music
  • Waylon Fong – Level Design and Programming
  • Michelle Hayden – Art Lead
  • William Swannack – Programming Lead
  • Brandon Stephens – Executive Producer and Level Designer
  • Christopher McCrimmons – Producer and Level Designer
  • Erasmo Simo – Level Design and Programming

The team members graduated from the Guildhall in December 2010.

Team Hermes’ entry, Inertia, is available for trial and purchase on Xbox Live Arcade. The arcade-style game allows users to suspend gravity and fly through space as an astronaut trying to escape a space station on the verge of collapse. It was named Best of the Indies 2010.

IGC is an annual competition for video game developers offering more than $350,000 in prizes for professional and non-professional categories. Prizes include cash awards, scholarships, national consumer exposure for the top games and an opportunity for the finalists to obtain professional feedback and seek commercial avenues for their games through face-to-face meetings with representatives from the leading video game publishers.

Founded by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, GameStop Corp. and The Guildhall at SMU, the IGC was created to foster game development innovation by independent developers.

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