Research Spotlight: SMU physicist follows dark matter into a Minnesota mine

jodi-cooley-wfaa-news-350.jpgThe search for mysterious dark matter has taken SMU physicist Jodi Cooley to the bottom of an abandoned mine.

Cooley, assistant professor of experimental particle physics in SMU’s Dedman College, is a member of the collaboration on the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (CDMS II) experiment. The project is housed deep in the Soudan Underground Laboratory, part of an abandoned mine in a national park in Minnesota.

Physicists have been searching for dark matter – the substance that makes up most of the matter in the universe – for decades. Cooley was part of a scientific group of experimental particle physicists who reported in the journal Science that they couldn’t rule out that they may have seen a glimpse of dark matter.

WFAA Channel 8 News reporter Jonathan Betz followed Cooley to the Soudan lab for a glimpse into the search for dark matter. Watch Betz’ report courtesy of SMU News. video

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