Student athletes shine in NCAA graduation rate scores

Seven of SMU’s 15 athletic teams rated a perfect 100 percent, and the men’s basketball and football teams ranked in the top three among Conference USA schools in Graduation Success Rates (GSR), according to data released by the NCAA Oct. 27, 2010.

The programs that scored 100 percent were men’s and women’s tennis, volleyball, women’s basketball, women’s soccer, cross country and track.

In addition, all 15 of SMU’s programs rated by the NCAA were equal to or better than the national average. While SMU sponsors 17 sports, the NCAA issues a GSR for 15 of its programs, combining track and cross country and not rating SMU’s equestrian program.

Among C-USA schools, the SMU football team ranked 3rd, while men’s basketball rated 2nd.

The GSR is an NCAA measurement that includes transfer data in calculations of the federally-mandated graduation rate. The data is taken from the four-class aggregate of entering classes from 2000 through 2003, for which the NCAA has compiled sport-by-sport GSR and the comparable graduation rate using the federally mandated methodology.

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