Jill Bolte Tayler delivers Tate Distinguished Lecture Feb. 23

Jill Bolte TaylorNeuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor, who wrote the bestselling story of her own recovery from a massive stroke, will give the next lecture in SMU’s 2009-10 Willis M. Tate Distinguished Lecture Series Feb. 23. Taylor will present the Jones Day Lecture at 8 p.m. in McFarlin Auditorium.

A doctor who specialized in the postmortem investigation of the human brain as related to schizophrenia and other severe mental illnesses, Dr. Taylor serves as president of the Greater Bloomington (Indiana) Affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. She also serves as the national spokesperson for the Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center (Harvard Brain Bank) located at McLean Hospital.

In 1996, Dr. Taylor experienced an arteriovenous malformation, a rare form of stroke. Within four hours, she could not walk, talk, read, write or recall any of her life. After major brain surgery to remove a golf ball-sized blood clot, it took 8 years for her to successfully rebuild her brain from the inside out.

In 2008, she published a book about her recovery and the insights she gained into the workings of her brain. My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey became a New York Times bestseller, and that year TIME magazine chose Dr. Taylor as one of the “100 Most Influential People in the World.”

The evening lecture is sold out. Dr. Taylor will answer questions from SMU community members and local high school students in the Turner Construction Student Forum at 4:30 p.m. Feb. 23 in the Hughes-Trigg Student Center Ballroom.

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