Students choose top professors in 2009 HOPE Awards

Wayne Shaw, 2009 HOPE Professor of the YearStudent staff members in SMU’s Department of Residence Life and Student Housing honored 55 University educators at the 2009 HOPE Awards Banquet in November. HOPE (Honoring Our Professors’ Excellence) Award recipients are named through student staff member nominations as professors who “have made a significant impact to our academic education both inside and outside of the classroom.”

Wayne Shaw, Helmut Sohmen Distinguished Professor of Corporate Governance in the Cox School of Business, was honored as 2009 Professor of the Year. Three Dedman College professors – Mark Chancey, Religious Studies; Michael Lusztig, Political Science; and Tom Stone, English – were honored as Distinguished Professors, denoting that they have been recognized as HOPE Professors during at least 5 of the 12 years in which the honor has existed.

Read the complete list of honorees under the link below. Above, Professor of the Year Wayne Shaw (right in photo) with HOPE Committee member Ty Krueger, Fine Arts Community hall director.

The 2009 HOPE Award honorees:

Cox School of Business
Barry Bryan, Accounting
Charles Dannis, Real Estate
Wayne Shaw, Accounting **

Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences
Andrea Adams, Chemistry
Jeremy Adams, History
Debra Branch, Sociology
Brad Carter, Political Science
Mark Chancey, Religious Studies *
Michael Crow, Psychology
Crista DeLuzio, History
Karen de Olivares, Sociology
David Doyle, History/Honors
Georita Frierson, Psychology
Gabriel Guillen, Foreign Languages and Literatures-Spanish
Rick Halperin, Human Rights
Vanessa Hopper, English
Diana Howard, English/Honors
Verónica León, Foreign Languages and Literatures-Spanish
Michael Lusztig, Political Science *
Jasper Neel, English
Dayna Oscherwitz, Foreign Languages and Literatures-French
Patti Rawlins, Foreign Languages and Literatures-Latin
Helen Reynolds, Economics
Ian Richards, Earth Sciences
Timothy Rosendale, English
Nina Schwartz, English
Ann Shattles, English
Tom Stone, English *
Brent Sumerlin, Chemistry
Hiroki Takeuchi, Political Science
Vicki Tongate, English
James Waddle, Biological Sciences
Wendy Watson, Political Science
Elizabeth Wheaton, Economics
Yan Xia, Foreign Languages and Literatures-Chinese
Yunkai Zhou, Mathematics

Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering
Jong-Wha Bai, Environmental and Civil Engineering
Mark Fontenot, Computer Science and Engineering
Milt Gosney, Electrical Engineering
Mitch Thornton, Computer Science and Engineering

Meadows School of the Arts
Daniel Buraczeski, Dance
Maria Dixon, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs
Pamela Elrod, Music
Michele Houston, Journalism
Lynne Jackson, Music
Alice Kendrick, Advertising
Diane Kitzman Music
Mark McPhail, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs
Leslie Peck, Dance
Jayne Suhler, Journalism
Ben Voth, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs

Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education and Human Development
Birdie Barr, Wellness
Laurie Campbell, Education
Gail Hartin, Education Policy and Leadership

* denotes Distinguished Professor, having been nominated as a HOPE Professor for a minimum of 5 years

** denotes HOPE Professor of the Year 2009