Faculty in the News: May 27, 2009

Brian Stump on Fox 4 NewsMaria Minniti, Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Cox School of Business, provided expertise for a BusinessWeek story on her research with Moren Levesque of the University of Waterloo and Dean Shepherd of Indiana University, which uses a mathematical model to weigh the risks and benefits of entering the market early. The article appeared in the May 19, 2009 edition.

Brian Stump (left), Huffington Department of Earth Sciences, Dedman College, talked with Fox 4 News about an earthquake that hit North Texas May 16, 2009. video

Dan Howard, Marketing, Cox School of Business, talked about the chances of success for Hallmark’s new singing envelopes for greeting cards with The Cleveland Plain Dealer May 15, 2009.

Fred Moss, Dedman School of Law, provided expertise to The Dallas Morning News for a story about a Frisco man being tried on assault charges for allegedly knowingly infecting women with HIV. The article was published May 19, 2009.

Cal Jillson, Political Science, Dedman College, discussed why Texas Republican politicians are unlikely to switch to the Democratic Party to hold onto elected office in an article published in The Fort Worth Star-Telegram May 10, 2009.