Human Resources provides absence guidelines for H1N1 outbreak

SMU continues to monitor the H1N1 flu (swine flu) situation. There are no known cases at SMU. The University’s Department of Human Resources has created a document to provide guidelines for employees and managers who may need to stay home due to personal or family illness, or if a child’s school or daycare facility closes due to H1N1 flu.

The guidelines include information on when and how long to stay home, working from home, and use of sick leave. The document also compiles several helpful links.

University employees who exhibit symptoms of H1N1 flu should contact the SMU Police Department at 214-768-3333, as well as their personal health care providers for appointments and related information.

University resources:

SMU Health Center updates at
Human Resources guidelines for managing absences during an outbreak (PDF format)

Resources from Magellan, SMU’s Employee Assistance Program:

H1N1 Flu: Anxiety and Prevention
H1N1 Flu: Get Informed, Be Prepared

Local and federal resources:

Dallas County Health and Human Services: Influenza
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: H1N1 Flu