Tune In: Evidence, belief and evolution

Elliott Sober at SMUMost mainstream discussion of evolutionary theory versus belief in God assumes a fundamental conflict between the two views that does not exist, according to one philosopher. “It’s appropriate that people get exercised about this, because it’s an important question,” says Elliott Sober, the Hans Reichenbach Professor and William F. Vilas Research Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The professor of philosophy talked about how belief in God and evolution are related in “Darwin and Intelligent Design” at SMU April 13.

Sober’s 2008 book, Evidence and Evolution: The Logic Behind the Science, has been called one of the most in-depth analyses of the relationship between statistical reasoning and evidence in evolutionary biology. He appeared as part of “Darwin’s Evolving Legacy: Celebrating Ideas That Shape Our World,” SMU’s ongoing series of free, public lectures throughout 2009 celebrating Darwin’s 200th birth date and the 150th anniversary of the publication of his seminal book, On the Origin of Species.

Watch Sober’s lecture courtesy of SMU News:

Part 1 video
Part 2 video