Tune In: Student engineers design for the disabled

Senior Design Course 2009 presentation with John McCaa of WFAAJohn McCaa of WFAA Channel 8 visited SMU recently to see student innovation in action. Senior mechanical engineering majors in the Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering‘s 2008-09 Senior Design Course unveiled their final projects April 20.

The program, founded in 1978, has focused on creating assistive technology for the disabled since 1996. Students met with clients to learn about their needs, then set to work developing a “third arm” for wheelchair users and a hand-powered cycle with a specially designed suspension and propulsion system.

“At the Lyle School of Engineering, we like to say we solve people’s problems. And this is evidence of that,” said senior Daniel Klick, student manager of this year’s design project.

See the WFAA video at SMU News video