Deadline for Student Trustee applications is April 15

SMU’s Board of Trustees is seeking student applicants to serve in a variety of positions. Interested students can apply online; the 2009 deadline is at noon April 16.

One student each year serves as the Student Member of the Board of Trustees, a full voting member of the Board. Eight students also serve as Student Members of the Board Standing Committees. In addition, the Student Trustee chairs a committee of the Student Representatives and the Student Body President. This committee enhances the effectiveness of the Representatives within their committees and facilitates communication between the Board of Trustees and the university community.

“Serving as the Student Member of the SMU Board of Trustees has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” says current Student Trustee Lamar Dowling, a senior music major in Meadows School of the Arts. “Very few universities in the nation allow a student to sit on their board, and even fewer have a student as a full voting member. SMU provides this special opportunity, which demonstrates the board’s commitment to making this a better university for students.”

“I have had the opportunity to serve along with titans of the business, philanthropic and political world and learn from their amazing experiences,” he adds. “I even attended dinner at the White House with former President and Mrs. George W. Bush. This position has provided me with wonderful learning experiences and countless opportunities, all of which I am happy to be passing along to another student this May.”