Guildhall, AIAS announce Academy Scholarship

guildhall-logo-200.jpgThe Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS) and The Guildhall at SMU have announced the establishment of the Academy Scholar program, designed to build a force of new talent in interactive entertainment.

aias-logo-200.jpgThe program, which will begin during the Fall 2009 semester, will award $10,000 per semester for 2 semesters to a graduate-level Guildhall student. The scholarship “will honor an outstanding applicant who exemplifies the AIAS’ spirit and commitment to advance the worldwide interactive entertainment community,” according to a joint news release from AIAS and the Guildhall.

“SMU and AIAS have a shared vision and responsibility to further the industry and support the next generation of game makers,” said Peter Raad, Guildhall executive director and founder. “Our mission has always been to produce future industry leaders and the very best game professionals. We are honored to have the AIAS as a partner in helping us fulfill this mission.”

“There is no better time for us to invest in the next generation of game makers,” said Joseph Olin, AIAS president. “We want candidates who can share their vision and goals for this industry – our future influentials who will address the challenges of game creation and inspire new ways of making games.”

To be considered for an Academy Scholarship, a combined panel of senior AIAS members and an SMU review board will evaluate and rank each admission portfolio. The applicants with the highest rank order will be invited to submit an essay for consideration to win the scholarship.

The AIAS is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to “promoting awareness of the art and science of interactive games and entertainment.” Its Board of Directors includes senior executives representing Sony, EA, Nintendo, Microsoft, THQ and Ubisoft as well as the independent development community.

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