Tune In: A gateway to the sciences

Lou Jacobs from the 'We Are SVP' videoLou Jacobs, well known on the Hilltop for his fossil research in Dedman College‘s Huffington Department of Earth Sciences, is a scientific consultant on a new 33-minute video released by the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology. Jacobs delivers a welcome message in the video, “We Are SVP,” which is introduced and narrated by “Law & Order” television star Sam Waterston.

The production is designed to educate students, teachers and the public about vertebrate paleontologists and the importance of their work. “Because we study fossils, especially dinosaurs, we capture the imagination of children, and that makes vertebrate paleontology a gateway for all science,” Jacobs says in the video. Also appearing is SMU geology student and President’s Scholar Karen Gutierrez.

Watch the video at the SVP website. video