Research Spotlight: A new approach to U.S. foreign policy

Cover of Seyom Brown's 'Higher Realism: A New Foreign Policy for the United States'The United States needs to move toward a more globally inclusive foreign policy starting in 2009 with the new administration, says Seyom Brown, John Goodwin Tower Distinguished Chair in International Politics and National Security in Dedman College‘s Department of Political Science. Brown offers his observations in Higher Realism: A New Foreign Policy for the United States, slated for publication Nov. 30.

“The key to a successful foreign policy is to embrace global challenges and work in a collaborative effort to resolve global issues and conflict through peaceful negotiations and talks, rather than choosing war as a determining factor of who gets what. Doing what we’ve done in the past will not work for the future.”

Brown’s five-decade career in national security has taken him from academia to the Departments of Defense and State to policy think tanks including the RAND Corporation and the Brookings Institution.

• Read more about Brown’s research in the Fall/Winter 2008 issue of SMU Magazine, due in early December.

Read an excerpt from Higher Realism.