Data-mining champions bring title to SMU

SMU's Data Mining Shootout championsThree SMU graduate students in Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences have been named the nation’s best at sorting and comparing vast amounts of computer data. Economics Ph.D. candidates Stefan Avdjiev, Jayjit Roy and Manan Roy won the 2008 Data Mining Shootout and its $5,000 prize based on their program logic and software solutions for a fictional airline trying to improve customer satisfaction with company responses to weather events.

More than 30 teams from universities and colleges across the country competed in the competition. SMU’s winning team was announced at a conference at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. It was the University’s first time to enter the competition, said faculty sponsor and economics professor Tom Fomby. “We were not only the newcomers,” Fomby said. “We were the winners.”

(Right, SMU President R. Gerald Turner, Jayjit Roy, Manan Roy, Stefan Avdjiev and Professor Tom Fomby. Photograph by Hillsman S. Jackson.)

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