For the Record: Sept. 5, 2008

Museum depiction of NeanderthalMetin Eren, a graduate student in experimental archaeology, has done a study slated for publication in The Journal of Human Evolution that uses data on how early humans made tools to determine that Neanderthals were smarter than previously believed. Garth Sampson, Anthropology (Emeritus), is Eren’s co-author (along with Aaron Greenspan of Think Computer Corporation) on the paper, titled “Are Upper Paleolithic blade cores more productive than Middle Paleolithic discoidal cores? A replication experiment” (PDF). Read more and find more media coverage at SMU News.

Anthony Cortese, Sociology, presented a paper, “Racial Profiling and Ethnic Stereotyping: Muslim Terrorists and Illegal Aliens,” at a Racial Profiling on Borders conference in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Three SMU graduate students in Economics make up one of three finalist teams in the 2008 Data Mining Shootout sponsored by the SAS Institute, Dow Chemical Company and the Central Michigan University Research Corporation. Ph.D. candidates Stefan Avdjiev, Jayjit Roy and Manan Roy made the top three based on their program logic and software solutions to a complex scheduling problem involving a hypothetical airline company operating at three airports and anticipating weather delays and cancellations.

The team will travel to the 11th Annual SAS Data Mining Conference in Las Vegas Oct. 27-28 for the announcement of the final finish order. Tom Fomby is their faculty sponsor and adviser.