Faculty books for giving (and keeping)

(Originally published Dec. 6, 2007.)

'Psychology of the Simpsons' coverWith subjects ranging from the art of the Maya to the psychology of America’s favorite dysfunctional animated family, SMU faculty members and researchers published or won awards for a bevy of books during 2007. We’ve made a list, and invite you to add your own favorite books in the comments. Read more.

The perfect gift for your favorite reader – or for yourself – may be among these titles published by SMU professors and researchers in 2007 (and late 2006):

art-and-writing-cover-150.jpgArt and Writing in the Maya Cities, A.D. 600-800: A Poetics of Line by Adam Herring, associate professor of art history (the April 2007 winner of the Dallas Museum of Art’s 2006 Vasari Award)

Journey Toward Prominence: The Edwin L. Cox School of Business at SMU, 1920-2005, by Thomas E. Barry, SMU vice president for executive affairs and Cox marketing professor, and Eugene T. Byrne, former Cox professor of business policy and interim dean

The Weight of Things: Philosophy and the Good Life by Jean Kazez, adjunct professor of philosophy

The Psychology of the Simpsons: D’oh!, co-edited by Alan Brown, professor of psychology, and Chris Logan, lecturer in psychology

Disunion, War, Defeat and Recovery in Alabama: The Journal of Augustus Benners, 1850-1885, cowritten by Glenn Linden, professor of history, with his wife, Virginia Linden.

Jerry Bywaters: Interpreter of the Southwest (Texas A&M University Press) by Sam Ratcliffe, head of the Jerry Bywaters Special Collections Wing in SMU’s Hamon Arts Library (also available in the Meadows Museum Shop)

Jerry Bywaters: Lone Star Printmaker by Ellen Buie Niewyk, curator of the Bywaters Special Collections in SMU’s Hamon Arts Library (also available in the Meadows Museum Shop)

clemency-and-cruelty-cover-150.jpgAnd check out books by SMU faculty members that won 2006-07 Godbey Authors’ Awards:

How the Incas Built Their Heartland by R. Alan Covey, assistant professor of anthropology

Clemency & Cruelty in the Roman World by Melissa Barden Dowling, associate professor of history and director of classical studies

Winslow Homer: An American Vision by Randall Griffin, associate professor and chair of art history (also winner of the Dallas Museum of Art’s 2007 Vasari Award)

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  1. A new addition: Kathleen Sullivan Porter, academic adviser in Dedman College, has written a new book: Women Characters in Baseball Literature: A Critical Study.

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