Influential professors honored at 2007 HOPE Banquet

Fifty-three SMU educators were honored by student staff members at the Department of Residence Life and Student Housing’s 10th annual HOPE Banquet Oct. 21. The HOPE (Honoring Our Professors’ Excellence) Awards are determined by student staff member nominations and recognize professors whom they believe “have made a significant impact to our academic education both inside and outside of the classroom.”

Lucy Scott, executive-in-residence in the Journalism Division, was honored as 2007 Professor of the Year. Two others – Lecturer in English Diana Grumbles and Associate Professor of History Glenn Linden – were named Distinguished Professors, denoting that they have been recognized as HOPE Professors for at least 5 of the 10 years in which the honor has existed. Read the complete list of honorees under the cut.

The 2007 HOPE Award honorees:

Cox School of Business
Jim Collins
Steve Denson
Jeff Hart
Greg Sommers

Dedman College
Julie Adkins
Bill Barnard
Paola Buckley
Josephine Caldwell-Ryan
Richard Cogley
Michael Crow
J. Michael Cruz
Melissa Dowling
David Doyle
Diana Grumbles*
Rick Halperin
Robert Harrod
Richard Hawkins
Vanessa Hopper
Susan Hornstein
Michael Lattman
Bruce Levy
Glenn Linden*
Ross Murfin
Jasper Neel
Eva Oberdorster
Dayna Oscherwitz
Carolyn Sargent
Dennis Simon
Mark Skorick
Charles Steen
Steven Vik
Gabriela Vokic

Meadows School of the Arts
Pam Elder
William Ford
Glen Griffin
David Hadeler
Lynn Jackson
Owen Lynch
Mark McPhail
Tony Pederson
Deborah Perkins
Lucy Scott**
Gretchen Smith
José Bowen

School of Engineering
Frank Coyle
Mark Fontenot
Gemunu Happawana
Gordon Sohl
David Willis

Perkins School of Theology
Robert Foster

Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center
Patricia Feldman
Ann Shattles

Student Affairs
Peter Gifford

* denotes Distinguished Professor, having been nominated as a HOPE Professor for a minimum of 5 years

** denotes HOPE Professor of the Year 2007