ITS offers tech news you can use

Want to know when and why SMU’s Web, e-mail and other server resources are offline? Information Technology Services has news for you. Read more.

ITS has introduced a new Web site and two new e-mail lists to keep the SMU community informed of changes and outages affecting ITS-managed systems and services. The ITChanges site, on the SMU Intranet, displays news about upcoming maintenance and any unscheduled outages that affect the campus community. It is accessible to anyone on campus or to off-campus users connecting via SMU PPP or VPN. Site information is updated automatically and linked to ITS’ internal logging process, so visitors will know about changes in status as soon as those changes occur.

The two e-mail listserves are open to, but not mandatory for, the entire SMU community. The itchanges listserve will receive a weekly digest every Wednesday morning of all scheduled changes for the upcoming week. This list will receive only one e-mail per week unless there is an unexpected scheduled change. To subscribe, send an e-mail to; leave the subject and message body blank.

The itoutages listserve will be notified in the event of a major unplanned outage. E-mails will be sent to the list shortly after the outage is reported if the interruption in service is expected to exceed 15 minutes. The list also will receive status updates on the outage, as well as a final notice once service is restored. To subscribe, send an email to; leave the subject and message body blank.

For more information, contact Rachel Mulry, ITS technical project manager.