Maintenance Repair Notice: Toilets in SE Residential Commons not working due to line leak

Southeast Residential Commons – Water Supply to Restroom Water Closets (toilets)

SMU Facilities crews and contractors have been working since late Monday (11/7) evening to repair an apparent leak in an underground plumbing line in SMU’s southeast residential commons. The leak has reduced the water pressure needed for the toilets to function properly in the commons. Sinks and showers are operational and safe to use. Drinking water is also safe. The cause of the leak is unknown at this time.

The pressure loss to this water supply infrastructure grid is isolated to the toilets only within the following buildings:

  • Armstrong Commons
  • Kathy Crow Commons
  • Crum Commons
  • Loyd Commons
  • Ware Commons

Crews have been on site 24/7 since Monday to locate and repair the leak. Water was seen migrating up through a planter bed area and that is where the excavation started. The leak has not been located, but it is known to be west of the dig location.

Work will continue toward the flow of water which will naturally lead to the piping failure. No current construction action caused this issue.

The effort has been a fully implemented demolition and excavation process including the following:

  • A crew of over 20 persons on site at all times with a plan to stay this course until the project is complete
  • Water jet excavation and hand digging where necessary
  • High-powered vacuum soil and water removal from the excavated area
  • Backhoe and front-end loader equipment
  • Soil haul-off trucks
  • Tree and landscaping removal actions

Alternate restrooms in the Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports, Ford Stadium, and portable toilets and hand-washing stations are available for the residents to use.


  • Shift to 100% outside air until instructed to change
  • Units will run continuously to introduce fresh air and help push out existing air

Materials, equipment and crews required to fix the break have been secured and are on hand so that once the leak has been located, the repair should be made quickly.

Toilets in SE Residential Commons not working due to line leak

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