Repair Notice: Northwest Loop Steam Line

Sunday, January 16th at 2:00 pm: Steam line ramp down will begin

Expected Duration: 4-5 hours


Repairs to the Northwest Steam Loop will take place

Water will be available for toilets, hand washing, etc.

This repair will affect hot water and HVAC heat to buildings listed below:

Boaz Commons

Bridwell Library

Clements Hall

Collins Center

Crow Building

Crum Basketball Center

Fincher Building

Greer Garson Theatre
Hamon Arts Library

Hughes-Trigg Student Center
Kirby Hall

Maguire Building
Martin Hall
Mary Hay Hall

Moore Hall

Owen Arts Center

Perkins Chapel
S. B. Perkins Hall

Peyton Hall

Prothro Hall

Selecman Hall

Shuttles Commons­­­­

Bob Smith Health Center

Frank Smith Hall

Umphrey Lee Center
Virginia-Snider Commons

Highland Park United Methodist Church


Thank you for your patience and cooperation!

For questions, contact SMU Facilities Call Center at 214.748.7000

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