Revised Construction Related Notice: Steam was temporarily repaired until 5:00am, January 6


South Loop Steam Shutdown: Wednesday, January 6th

Start Time: 5:00am

Expected Completion: 5:00pm


More extensive repairs to the South Steam Loop are required

Hot water and HVAC heat to buildings will be affected

Water will be available for toilets, hand washing, etc.

Immediate Steam Shutdown will take place in the following buildings:

Armstrong Fieldhouse
Blanton Student Services Building
Caruth Hall
Cockrell-McIntosh Commons
Dawson Service Center
Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports
Embrey Engineering Building
Gerald J. Ford Stadium
Junkins Engineering Building
Loyd All-Sports Center
McElvaney Commons
Meadows Museum
Moody Coliseum
Morrison-McGinnis Commons 


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