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What is a Food Desert? And why should I come to the Symposium?

FYI–a food desert is defined as any area where healthy, affordable food is difficult to obtain.  people who live in food deserts are either miles away from a grocery store or have no adequate means of transportation to arrive there.  … Continue reading

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Hamburger Series, Part 5: Access

Foraging for Food in the Land of the Free? First Lady Michelle Obama speaks out about the food desert crisis in America When one thinks about daily life, food often becomes part of the conversation. From our childhood, parents … Continue reading

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Hamburger Series, Part 4: Food Regulation

One Complicated Sandwich Who regulates our food?  Who regulates which foods?  More importantly, perhaps: why?  Both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulate our food, but the division is shockingly arbitrary.  Pepperoni … Continue reading

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Hamburger Series, Part 3: Food Ads

Perception and Deception? As we continue in our Hamburger series, we find it time to examine perception of this most beloved of American fare.  While our idea of the relative merits and evils of hamburgers may come from nostalgia, memory, … Continue reading

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Hamburger Series, Part 2: Considering Your Burger’s Tomato

A Thin Slice “Lettuce and Tomato?” This burger-ordering exchange is so automatic, that we tend to answer it without thinking.  After a quick “yes” or “no,” we are on to the decision over French fries. There are, however, ethical implications … Continue reading

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