American Broadsides and Ephemera

American Broadsides and Ephemera includes fully searchable facsimile images of approximately 15,000 broadsides printed between 1820 and 1900 and 15,000 pieces of ephemera printed between 1760 and 1900. The remarkably diverse subjects of these broadsides range from contemporary accounts of the Civil War, unusual occurrences and natural disasters to official government proclamations, tax bills and town meeting reports. To see just how far libraries have come, check out the Library Rules for Bowdoin College in 1829, when the library was open from noon till 1 p.m., and freshman could only have out one book at a time (but seniors could have four).

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Bibliography of British and Irish History

BBIH provides bibliographic data on historical writing dealing with the British Isles, and with the British empire and commonwealth, during all periods for which written documentation is available – from 55BC to the present. As well as providing details of publications, the bibliography offers links to online catalogs to help you find the items in research libraries in Britain and Ireland. It also provides links to online text where available. The bibliography lists books, articles in books and articles in journals. Material is included irrespective of place or language of publication, although coverage is best for works published in Britain.

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Bibliography of Asian Studies

Bibliography of Asian Studiesis the first place to check when doing research on East, Southeast, or South Asia, particularly in the humanities and social sciences. Records include journal articles, conference proceedings, and some monographs. For instance, searching for William Tsutsui (Dean of Dedman College) produces several references, including chapters in books, edited volumes, and journal articles, all dealing with the economics and culture of Japan. Users may also browse entries by country or journal, and may save references to an online bookbag.

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Travel the world with Global Road Warrior

Taking a trip? Planning to study abroad? Just curious about customs or food (or electrical outlets) in another country? Then Global Road Warrior is for you! From north to south and east to west, Global Road Warrior provides information on climate, society & culture, demographics, money and banking, points of interest, transportation, maps, communications, and much more for 175 countries.

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Arte Publico Hispanic Historical Collection

A full text, fully searchable digital collection of historical content pertaining to U.S. Hispanic history, literature and culture. Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Heritage Project, from which the collection draws its content, is the largest national project ever to locate, preserve and disseminate Hispanic culture of the United States in its written form since colonial times until 1960. The content includes over 60,000 articles from journals, magazines and newspapers, hundreds of political and religious pamphlets and broadsides, and the complete texts of over 1,100 historical books of Hispanic literature, political commentary and culture. The collection is cross-searchable with other EBSCO products, including Academic Search Complete, America: History and Life, and the MLA International Bibliography.

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Major journal collections from Oxford and Cambridge

SMU libraries now provide access to the complete collections of electronic journals offered by Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Press. Oxford holdings include access to over 200 journals from 1996 to the present. Subject areas include the sciences, social sciences and humanities, including such titles as Brain, Contemporary Women’s Writing, Early Music, Journal of Human Rights Practice, and more. More than 250 Cambridge titles in the areas of social sciences, humanities, law, medicine, and science are available, including Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Comparative Exercise Physiology, Geological Magazine, Journal of African History, and World Trade Review. All titles are available through the publishers’ websites and from SMU libraries’ online catalog and online journal list.

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U.S. Serial Set 1789-1969

Purchased jointly by Central University Libraries and the Underwood Law Library, the U.S. Serial Set digitized collection begins in 1789 with the American State Papers and details Congressional business through 1969. It includes reports and documents either produced or ordered by Congress, as well as presidential communications and treaty materials. Of particular importance to those who study law, the Serial Set contains Congressional legislative reports that provide unrivaled insight into the legislative intent of laws enacted before 1969. This collection of government publications captures key aspects of American life from the early 19th century onward and is relevant for research in the fields of history, business, political science, sociology, and more.

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Specialized collection from JSTOR

The JSTOR Health and General Sciences Collection is the latest addition to SMU Libraries’ extensive holdings of journals digitized by JSTOR. The Health & General Sciences Collection features over 25 important historical scientific journals and top publications in the health sciences, offering published scientific research dating as far back as 1665. The collection includes publications of the Royal Society of London, which extend back to the 17th century, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, which dates from the early 20th century, and the archives of the journal Science. Current issues of Science are also available electronically to members of the SMU community.

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ScienceDirect Freedom Collection

The ScienceDirect Freedom Collection from Elsevier provides full-text content for over 2,000 journals, including approximately 25% of the peer-reviewed scientific, technical & medical content currently being published throughout the world. Personalization options allow users to save, re-run, edit and combine searches, as well as set up alerts and RSS feeds for articles relevant to their research, and to tables of content of new journal issues of their choice. Article references include dynamic links to other abstracts and articles within the ScienceDirect collection and available through other publishers. “Cited by” allows users to link to other articles within the database from the displayed article. Users may link directly to ScienceDirect content from their website or to an individual journal title from an entry in the online catalog or online journal list.

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Research Starters – Sociology

Ebsco Publishing is providing Central University Libraries complimentary trial access in the current academic year to a new service, Research Starters – Sociology. The service provides students with a solid foundation for their research and assignments, as well as overview information on topics relevant to their studies. Comprehensive summaries of discipline-specific topics help students to grasp the broad outlines of a subject, realize its real world applications, critically engage it, and locate sources for advanced research. Articles average 3,000 words, providing concise yet more in-depth content than most textbook or encyclopedia entries.

Research Starters – Sociology contains Abstracts, a Keyword List of words pertinent to the articles, an Overview to explain various topics’ relevance to sociology, Further Insights/Applications to demonstrate how the points discussed in the overview can be applied to everyday or academic issues in sociology, a Viewpoints/Issues/Discourse section to help the reader develop a critical perspective on a topic, a glossary of Terms & Concepts, a Bibliography and a Suggested Reading list.

Research Starters suggested reports will appear at the bottom of the right column of any Ebsco search that is related to sociological subjects. Some of the subjects covered include Aging & Elderly Issues, Culture, Day to Day Social Interaction, Deviance & Social Control, Educational Sociology, Family & Relationships, Global Stratification, Population, Urbanization & the Environment, Race & Ethnicity, Sex, Gender & Sexuality, Social Change, Social Interaction in Groups & Organizations, Social Issues & Public Policy, Social Movements & Collective Behavior, Society & Technology.

Contact Evelyn Day, Sociology subject librarian, if you have questions or comments on the service.

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