An English Major, Unmasked

For most of my time as a first year student, I was an English major in hiding. Occasionally when a classmate or friend had the audacity to ask something like, “Why are you in an English class; I thought you had AP credit?” or “Isn’t that for English majors??” I would then proudly produce my fool proof reply, something to the tune of “Well I’m Pre-Law, and everyone knows that English is good preparation for law school, with the reading and writing and all that.” This was enough to satisfy even the most persistent questioners, be they parents or students. As my college journey continued though, the “reading and writing and all that” became more and more important to me, while becoming a lawyer became less so; perhaps it had never been important at all. Today I tell people my major is English, with no qualifier. And no, I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to “do with it.” It’s a great department with top-notch professors and fascinating classes that I truly enjoy – let that be explanation enough for now.

-Preston Hutcherson

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