Social Media Internship Opportunity at White Rock Lake Conservancy

The White Rock Lake Conservancy, a non-profit organization that seeks to promote, enhance and protect White Rock Lake and its natural beauty, is seeking a social media intern to create new content for the organization’s blog and social media channels.  Ideal candidates should possess strong writing skills, be familiar with White Rock Lake, have a basic understand of how Twitter and Facebook operates, and should have a desire to learn more about social media marketing. Additional training in social media will be provided if necessary.


  • Create original blog posts that promote White Rock Lake Conservancy and its goals
  • Connect to audiences on Twitter and Facebook
  • Manage existing content for the White Rock Lake Conservancy website


  • Strong writing skills
  • Understanding of Twitter, Facebook and the basics of blog writing is preferred
  • Self-directed with strong work ethic and desire to enhance White Rock Lake
  • Basic understanding of content management systems is a plus


  • 5-15/week
  • Duration: Temporary
  • Pay: Uncompensated


  • Work will be conducted out of Standing Dog Interactive located across North Central Expressway from SMU.
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