Looking for a job? Look no further!

Position: Study Skills and Support Tutor in Grammar and Writing

Description: Work with students one-on-one on homework support, study skills, and time management techniques. Specific knowledge of grammar and writing is a must. Students will come prepared with homework or other academic work they wish to pursue. Tutors and students will build close bonds and address students’ most pressing academic needs. You will get trained in our Study Jet program and have access to a comprehensive on-line resource library to help your work with students. Our Academic Director will serve as a source of guidance and support.

Work: $20/hour for undergraduate, $30 for MA, Part-time, off-campus

Qualifications: Candidates must have a desire to work with middle and high school students. Enthusiasm for teaching. Ability to make learning interesting. Availability during the weekday afternoons and evening and through mid-June. GPA should be a minimum of 3.3

Applicants: Send a cover letter and reuse to: Victoria Fitzgerald, Ph.D., Academic Director, at vfitzgerald@thinkingcapsgroup.com. If you are invited for an interview, your transcript, standardized test scores and references will be checked.

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  1. Ivonne Balli says:

    Are they still hiring?

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