News and notes from erudition, Fall 2012

Greg Brownderville’s book Gust recently appeared in the Poetry Foundation’s weekly list of contemporary best-selling books. These individual poems were recognized: “Carlo Silvestrini on the Hog Slaughter” was anthologized in Cornbread Nation 6 (Cornbread Nation: Best of Southern Food Writing); “A Soldier Gets Home” appears as a first place winner in the 2012 New Millennium Writings print issue; “The Wanderer and the Wall” appears in the current issue of Mudfish. Over the summer he gave readings for the South Carolina Book Festival; the Center for Southern Folklore; the Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre; Hendrix College; the Sewanee Writers’ Conference, from which he was awarded a 2012 Walter E. Dakin Fellowship.

Ross Murfin and Beth Newman published essays in Reading Texts, Reading Lives:  Essays in the Tradition of Humanistic Cultural Criticism in Honor of Daniel R. Schwarz, ed. Helen Maxon and Daniel Morris.  U of Delaware P, 2012. Newman: “Humanism Under Erasure: Identity and Nation in Joyce’s Ulysses.” Murfin: “Of Temples, Prisoners, Umbrellas, and Revolutionaries:  Culture, Consciousness, and Poetry in D. H. Lawrence.”

Timothy Rosendale’s “Wrong Turns in ‘Goodfriday, 1613’” is forthcoming in the John Donne Journal, 2012. General Editor Alan Stewart of Columbia University solicited his article, for the Blackwell Encyclopedia of Renaissance Literature (2012). He is an invited speaker at an October conference on liturgy and literature at UCLA.

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